Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

The counterfeit prescription drug scam covers a wide range of possibilities in what makes these drugs "counterfeit." Selling counterfeit prescription drugs isn't a new type of fraudulent activity, but with the new technologies, Internet-based pharmaceutical companies have tapped into this type of scam, benefiting from it by gaining more of a profit. Sometimes they can be hard to detect, but if you pay close attention to what the packaging and pills should look like, you may be able to notice they are counterfeit before you take them.

Counterfeit drugs will either contain less of the active ingredients, more of the active ingredients, a variance on the ingredients, or none of the active ingredients at all. They can also be sold falsely under brand names when they are generic or simply aspirin when they should be stronger medications. For this reason, it can be very dangerous to your health when taking counterfeit medications as they could not include enough ingredients to heal your illness, provide too much and cause an overdose, or those that contain different ingredients may give you a dangerous allergic reaction.

Counterfeit drugs are most often sold on the Internet as there is no face-to-face contact between buyer and seller. These drug companies may not be based in the United States; therefore they follow different laws and do not have as strict of drug protocols. Additionally, many of these companies do not require a prescription and are selling drugs illegally, on top of counterfeiting the drugs themselves. Often times, drugs begin as legitimate prescription mediation, but are later sold to another company that can vary the content and repackage them.

By being familiar with what your drugs and packaging should look like, you will be able to identify counterfeit drugs more easily. Look at the packaging and compare it to previous packaging from the same drugs you received elsewhere; does it look exactly the same, or is it slightly different? Look at the size, color, shape and taste of the drugs and compare them to other you have taken. Also, the pill bottles should contain information about what the drugs should look like, and you can also get this information on the Internet. Be very careful that what you are about to take, looks exactly how it should.

The FDA is taking extra steps to secure the drug distribution system in the United States to only manufacture and distribute safe drugs, but when you purchase prescription medication in other countries, you are not as safe. Therefore, you should only buy your prescription drugs within the United States, at reputable pharmacies. Additionally, if you are purchasing your medication from an online distributor that claims they will provide medication without a prescription, do not purchase from them. This is illegal and the company should not only be avoided, but reported to the FDA.

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