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GDPR Compliance Audit

About GDPR Compliance Audit

Make Your Organization GDPR Audit Proof with Cybercops

Any organization that collects, stores, and processes the data of any European Union individuals must adhere to the regulations of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A GDPR compliance audit is a systematic & independent assessment of an organization's compliance with GDPR.

The purpose is to help organizations ensure that they are meeting their obligations laid under the GDPR & what are the areas in which they need to make improvements.

 About GDPR Compliance Audit

Cybercops Meets the Key Standards of GDPR

Any organization that processes the data of EU citizens must be familiar with the 6 basic principles of GDPR. Cybercops comply with all the principles that are employed while processing data.

  • Data Minimization
  • Up to date and accurate
  • Limitation of Purpose
  • Transparent, fair, & lawful
  • Accountable
  • Storage Limitation

Performing a GDPR Audit with Cybercops Will Help To:

  • Make sure that appropriate data protection policies are enforced
  • Drive out vulnerabilities that could cause data breach
  • A proper assessment of internal controls
  • Monitor all validated policies, procedures, & principles
 Key Standards of GDPR
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