Internet Ticket Fraud

Internet ticket fraud is another form of Internet marketing, which has become a common way to trick individuals into purchasing merchandise which is fake or never arrives. The reason it is successful is because the scammers have become cunning, often creating websites that appear legit so the victim has no reason to suspect anything is illegal and have enough knowledge about the Internet that they are capable of hiding from authorities if and when a victim reports the incident to the authorities.

Internet ticket fraud begins with the scammer going through the steps to make what seems like a professional, legitimate online ticket selling business. The website is often nearly perfect, and appears to be just another ticket selling business. They often sell popular concert or event tickets at a low price or those that may not be available elsewhere. This is what reels in the customers, i.e. victims. Also, some scammers will create a website that appears to be another popular ticket selling company such as but with a slight variation like misspelling Ticketmaster or adding an extra letter which is sometimes hard to miss. They will use the same Ticketmaster logo which some individuals don't catch.

When the victim purchases victims from this website, they will use their credit card information and expect the tickets in a few days. Often times, the tickets are just never shipping to the customer while other scammers ship tickets that are counterfeit or scalped, thus making a profit off of them. If you know what to look for in identifying these fake websites and companies or if you can tell what an authentic ticket should look like, you can prevent yourself from attempting to use a counterfeit ticket at an event and being turned away by the authorities.

Protect yourself from this scam by first being wary of any unrecognizable sites selling tickets. Additionally, if you find someone selling tickets that are sold out elsewhere, or sold at unrealistically low prices; question it before purchasing the tickets. If you do receive tickets in the mail, have them verified by the event organizers before attempting to use them and look closely at the paper to see if it looks authentic. Be very wary of any tickets or websites with poor spelling or grammar. Confirm your purchase by speaking to a customer service rep for the company before continuing with the purchase.

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