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About Cyber Cops

Our Approach Is Simple But Not Time-Wasting

We believe that anyone who extends their information to a business must enjoy their right to data privacy. However, we know that it’s not always easy to stick to compliance policies. Provided that, our team of professionals offer compliance consultation and training so that you may easily secure the information provided by client and secure the future of your business as well.

Holding expertise in HIPAA Compliance, Cyber Security Management, IT Infrastructure, and HIPAA Compliance & Cyber Security Awareness Trainings, we ensure that your business runs smoothly and is always protected.

Our Audit Services

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IT Infrastructure Audit

An Infrastructure Audit is a process of evaluation that allows you to identify pieces of underutilized data center equipment


Cyber Security Audit

An audit makes sure that the policies, procedures, and security controls are in place and working efficiently & effectively.



Ensure compliance in the event of HIPAA Audit with our exceptional Audit services

HIPAA Compliance

Our prominent HIPAA compliance consulting and training program ensures that you follow proper compliance policies in order to ensure security & smooth functioning of your business.

Cybersecurity Management

We ensure that you develop a clear understanding of business & compliance needs so that you keep any sort of risk and threat from minimum to zero by assessing, reducing, and managing the same.

IT Infrastructure

Our professionals ensure proper administration and management of essential operational elements so that you may efficiently, effectively, and proactively utilize information, data, and technology.


Our HIPAA Compliance Training and Cybersecurity Awareness Training program is everything you need to ace your skills and properly manage the functioning of your business, keeping all risks at bay.