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IT Infrastructure Management, Implementation & Audit

About IT Infrastructure Management

Industry-Proven IT Infrastructure Management Practices

Talking of an IT organization, infrastructure is a collective term for software, hardware, and other systems that are required for offering IT services. IT infrastructure security management includes the management of IT policies and processes, along with the data, human resources, equipment, and external contact like security organizations or vendors, needed to ensure that the IT operations runs smoothly.

Categories of IT Infrastructure Management

Any person or organization dealing in the healthcare or related industry, or has access to protected health information needs to comply with HIPAA.

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The 3 parts to becoming HIPAA compliant for an organization includes

There is no denying the fact that infrastructure management can be a daunting task. However, there are industry-proven practices to help an organization avoid infrastructure issues.


Systems management encircles the administration of IT assets found typically within a data center. It focuses on intrusion detection and prevention, event management, security information and other facets related to security. Workflow automation, log management, and configuration management usually fall under systems management.


Transparency and visibility being key relative, Network management involves controlling the security of networks. A company’s network management activities may be handled by IT security and operations analysts who configure networks to services and applications. These analysts may also find ways to optimize the quality and availability of network on which services are maintained.

Data Storage

Virtualization, data compression, storage provisioning, and other data storage technologies can have a huge impact on the performance of a business’ IT infrastructure. Since data storage space is limited, a company may opt to use one or more data storage technologies. However, proper management is necessary to ensure the safety of critical data.

Physical & Technical Safeguards of HIPAA

The physical safeguards have to do everything with who has access to PHI data and how that access is managed. Most of the physical safeguard requirements that developers have to worry about is managed by HIPPA Compliant Hosting companies. The remaining ones are handled by the internal rules laid down by you around who can and cannot access PHI.