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Cyber Security Audit

A Cyber security audit is an independent and systematic examination of an organization’s cyber security. An audit makes sure that the policies, procedures, and security controls are in place and working efficiently & effectively. In short, it allows an organization to inspect what they expect from the laid down security policies.

What does a cyber security audit cover?

A cyber security audit revolves around cyber security guidelines, policies, and standards. In addition to this, an audit ensures that the security controls of an organization are optimized and all the compliance requirements are met.

 cyber security audit
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To be specific, an audit evaluates:

Data Security


Data Security

A review of encryption use, data security during transmission and storage, and network access control
Network Security


Network Security

A review of network and security control, SOC, anti-virus configurations, security monitoring capabilities
System Security


System Security

A review of patching and hardening processes, management of privileged accounts, role-based access, etc.


Physical Security

A review of role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, biometric data, disk encryption, etc.


Operational Security

A review of policies, procedures, and security control
 cyber security audit

Why does an organization need cyber security audit?

A cyber security audit provides an organization, their business partners and customers with information regarding the effectiveness of their cyber security controls.

These are some of the benefits of getting a cyber security audit done:

  • Compliance
  • Testing controls
  • Reputational value
  • Highlights weaknesses
  • Improving security posture
  • Identification of gaps in security
  • Confidence in your security controls
  • Assurance to vendors, employees, and clients
  • Enhanced performance of technology and security

At Cyber cops, we offer a 360-degree cyber security audit for organizations. Our tailored audit services consist of multiple compliance and vulnerability scans, security & risk assessment, and many other cyber security tools used to conduct an in-depth examination into an organization’s cyber security.

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