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Cyber Cops Tailors the SOC 2 Procedures.

SOC 2 Compliance Audit report from Cyber Cops offers comprehensive information and assurance regarding the internal controls in five key areas. The report provides detailed insights into the security controls, which actively prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or damage to systems. It also covers availability controls, ensuring that systems operate at a level aligned with business objectives. Confidentiality controls are addressed, safeguarding sensitive information from collection through disposal. Additionally, the report highlights processing integrity controls, guaranteeing reliable system performance without unintentional or inexplicable faults. Lastly, the audit report includes privacy controls, specifically focusing on the security of personal information, especially those obtained from consumers.

SOC 2 Type I Audit

Our team assesses the design & implementation of security processes at a specific point in time. We examine if the internal controls fulfill the required Trust Services Criteria

SOC 2 Type II Audit

We evaluate security processes & monitor activities for at least three months, with a 12-month term suggested.

These audit reports are beneficial to your organization's stakeholders, which include management and governance employees from user entities. They are also valuable to your customers, business partners, suppliers, regulators.

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 soc 2 compliance audit

Unveil the power of SOC 2 Compliance Audit Systems with Cyber Cops

Does your organization partner with tier one organizations in the supply chain?
Then, SOC 2 is just what your organization needs. Cyber Cops’ SOC 2 compliance audit report will include the following

  • Opinion Letter
  • Management Declaration
  • A comprehensive explanation of the system or service
  • Specifics about chosen trust service types
  • Control testing & its outcomes
  • Additional information such as technical information, new systems, business continuity plan, clarification of contextual issues

Is Cyber Cop’s SOC 2 Audit ideal for you?

If you or your organization falls under any of the following categories, you will reap immense benefits from a SOC 2 Audit report from Cyber Cops.

  • IT Outsourcing Services for Business
  • Customer Security & Service Management
  • Management & Processing of Medical Claims
  • Financial Technology Services
  • IT Management Services
  • Software as Service Vendor
  • Cloud computing based businesses
 soc 2 compliance audit
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